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Welcome to Sun ray global overseas pvt one of the leading manpower 
company of Nepal we are here to provide the genuine human resources recruitment services. Since the inception of our company we have been supplied a varieties of Manpowers including non skilled labour's to Semi-Skilled trade persons to skilled highly qualified persons to countries like kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Qatar, state of Bahrain, UAE, Sultan of oman, Jordan, Malaysia, Japan Korea, Singapore Italy, Romaina, and others


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1302 clients to be excat
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SUN RAY GLOBAL OVERSEAS PVT LTD is the leading government approved recruiting agency of Nepal that is registered under the department of labours license no. 918 /067 /068, with the entry card No. 130 from the Royal embassy of Saudi Arabia consulate section. It is established in 2010 aiming to provide outstanding manpower services and human resources to our clients we have been competing with all the manpower companies in order to acquire the best foundation for companies to succeed in staying in a leading position in field of human resources recruitment services.

Stepwise preparation for the future

It has made history that is rich with experience, learning and achievement and we are endeavoring to keep it up with consistent progression as an employer, you must be well - know of the fact, Nepalese have a history with their bravery, honesty, loyalty and their commitment towards work, we do have lots of resumes of qualified manpower with their skill, education and field of interest after their respective interview procedure we follow the procedure to tailor your required job and their resume so you can get the best outcome with the employees performance as an employee if you are in pursuit of the opportunity to have jobs in abroad with least cost easy access & high income you are on the verge to end up the pursuit because we are here to help your right now

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Sunray Global Overseas Pvt. Ltd. advertise for possible recruits in publications and on the internet. We are working to improve our clients' service standards.

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Sun-Ray Global have various career opportunities for qualified, unskilled, and semi-skilled workers. We can assist you in finding the suitable employment for you.


Sun-Ray Global wants to give you all the online and offline information you need. It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to us to apply for a job.


Interviews will be held with the candidates who have been shortlisted. We will market and select our candidates through interviews between employees and employers.